“Repercussions” — By David Oshioke

Everything seemed to have gone tumbling down for Michael or Micki, as he was fondly called by friends, peer and foes alike – if he had any.

First he was supposedly caught cheating in an examination in his penultimate year in the university.

Next, his sole sister; Stephanie who he has been inseparable from particularly since they lost their father, long suffered from blood cancer and was increasingly close to going to the ‘other side’. To make matters worse, his soulmate as he called her; Helena had severed ties with him due to the shame of being associated with him.

Fed up, Micki had decided to take his own life on a fateful Friday morning perhaps to resurrect on Sunday? No! he had decided to go forever. Believing this resort to be the only solution, Micki purchased a new rope that appeared to have never been used.
Getting to his one-room apartment in the students’ community, he casually greeted his neighbours for the first time in a week after keeping to himself for the best part of that one week, firmly shut his door, thought about his plans, wept and HUNG HIMSELF!!!

Didn’t take long for his next door neighbour Tony to feel the need to ask Micki “what’s up”. About knocking on his door, Helena came along with a gloomy face that tended to accompany the mouth in passing bad news. Together, they both knocked for a while, and when Helena felt the need to break the news to Tony (including the part that reveals Micki had just been expelled from the institution), Tony felt the urge to break in, and break in he did, only to find Mike’s lifeless body hanging from the unused fan holder above. Unending tears flowed from both his face and that of Lena. Only if tears could bring back this young man who was in his prime.

Only the next day, Stephanie gave up the ghost; and their mother not seeing the need for life as both her ‘incisors’ were gone… suffered a cardiac arrest as she was hypertensive and she also died.

In the end, taking his life didn’t change a thing as his death had somehow triggered the rest tragedies that followed suit.

In all let’s premeditate on things we intend carrying out and think of its effect on others. Also let us all try to lookout for those around us as one could be suffering in silence… And to the sufferer in silence, try to share your burdens with the ‘right’ people as we be brethrens


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