“JOHESU Has Earned My Respect” — Dr Chuka

The National leadership of JOHESU and the grassroot members of JOHESU have earned my respect.

Nigeria is a beautiful POLITICAL country, where ONLY “breathing efforts” flourish amidst political heats.

Nothing moves without political stimulation, but the unfortunate receives political frustration and retard. Ask a market woman, every sector receives this political influence – towards good or to the otherwise.

The JOHESU strike was necessitated by reasons I may not be fit to justify since I’m a Pharmacist, (to avert bias) of course it’s a Nigerian uniqueness that Labour unions embark on strikes as their only means of reaching our “supposed-reachable” government!

One of the days I cried as a youth, was caused by a strike that kept me at home in 2001 for one-year, yet Nigerians still cry and suffer the effects of strikes.

When NASU or ASUU goes on strike, the younger Nigerians stay at home, loose focus and yield to some of the “available” practices (drug use, armed robbery).

NMA or JOHESU goes on strike, poor masses especially the elderly ones die due to the poor or no management of their chronic diseases. WHEN WILL OUR SAVIOR COME?

Our “supposed” leaders after two years in office no longer listen to any topics not related to NEXT ELECTION (God why us!)

JOHESU has displayed exactly what Mr Goodluck Jonathan did in 2015 “for the sake of humanity”, hence they deserve my ink.

Biologically, when two elephants are fighting, especially a type of fight that requires WIN or LOOSE, the adrenaline levels of each elephant hits-top to defeat the opponent, but it takes wisdom for one elephant to yield, and save life of one (since one must die for the other to win) JOHESU was wise!

During this preventable strike, I lost an Aunty, who was so dear to me, “the only Aunty that calls me” Pharm Chuu”, a friend lost his younger brother, and the other person lost his dad., and we cried and they were gone! Of course those unknown to me suffered similar bereavement. (may their souls rest in Peace)

An average Nigerian would have chosen to remain in battle lest he be-called a coward, at least we all Praised Jonathan for bowing – JOHESU was wise!

ASUU was not popular until it was known for severe strikes.

JOHESU similarly was seen as “not useful” in the health sector, until their strike proved to Nigerians that the demise of an aspect of health sector is capable of truncating efforts of other aspects… THIS IS A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT, fellow JOHESU members.

Although the pattern of negligence our government played during this strike would register scorn in the minds of health workers against each other… But I want to still plead with JOHESU members to be the reason peace existed in our health sector, (at least the Bible recognizes lovers of Peace) while calling on NMA to join “let us play team and help Nigerians”.

I have been to the health sector, and can confirm that aside the inter-professional and government-stimulated rivalries, there exist intra-professional wars, all adding to the stress that weigh down the job SATISFACTION health workers in Nigeria achieve.

I want to specifically call on HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS, both in Medicines, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical Lab etc, to find ways to curb these intra-professional differences, ensure that the welfare of your team members is primary. When every sect is mildly satisfied, the extension will reach the whole hospital, and the Nigerian masses will enjoy to some extent,a hitch-free, glitch-free and scorn-free health care.

Long live Pharmacy My Pride!

Long live JOHESU!

Long live Nigerian health sector!!

Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

Dr Chuka Amukamara (Public Health Pharmacist)
CEO, Health Medium International (HMI)

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