How to pass exams when you don’t have enough time to revise

Few hours before exam and you haven’t really revised anything? Here is exactly what you need to do.

Every student believes it takes proper preparation to pass an exam, but there are times they have no time to really prepare well for their exam. A situation like this could cause you anxiety and lack of concentration. It could make you think a very poor grade is waiting for you at the end of the semester…and maybe a carryover.

But don’t worry, you shouldn’t get scared when you find yourself in a situation like this.

Instead of getting occupied with a thought that will prevent you from spending the few time you have left, you need to calm down and find a way to get yourself ready for the exam.

Here are things you should do before you enter the exam hall.

1. Don’t Panic
You have less than 3days left to prepare for a 3-unit course exam and you haven’t really covered much of the course outlines? Don’t panic.
Don’t get drown in your own fear. Relax and make sure you are stable before reaching for your books.

2. Find a suitable place to study
Finding a serene place to prepare for exam helps your preparation.
Ready to study? Good. Grab your books and handouts, look for a suitable place to study. If you find your kitchen, library or a cafe cool enough, stay there. But please stay away from your bed to avoid accidental napping.

3. Get your materials
At this time, you can’t afford to leave out important stuff like your writing materials, if you’ll need them, take them with you.

4. Avoid distractions
You can’t afford to join any conversation that is not going to help you at this moment. Try as much as possible to avoid distractions. If the library is not conducive enough find another quiet place to study.

5. Keep your eyes on important topics
Always prioritize important topics your lecturer emphasize during lectures.
You have a few hours left before the exam. Don’t waste your time revising on one topic. Focus your attention on the most important topics that your lecturer emphasised while teaching you. Identify these topics and treat them one after the other.

6. Time management
Now that you know which topic to give more attention over others. You need not spend the whole day on these topics. You can spend a maximum of 30 minutes on each topic. If one is tricky, you can devote 10 more minutes to understand it better.

7. Don’t get frustrated
When you find yourself trying hard to focus because your mind is shuttling between what you are reading and what the exam questions will look like, stay calm and don’t get frustrated. Leave your desk for few minutes and come back to it. That little break could help you regain your focus.

8. Have a break
Don’t just bend your neck over your books trying to consume their contents. Give yourself a break. stroll around, stretch your legs for five to ten minutes and force yourself to return to your books once the time is up. This is an opportunity to eat.

9. Talk to someone
Discussing what you have read with your course mate can boost your understanding of the topics.
Don’t let this eleventh-hour revision make you feel you are the only one left in the world. Talk to someone, make a call. You can even share a joke with anyone around you.

10. Sleep
You have been revising for a while now, you must be getting tired, right? Sleep is all you need now. So have it. You don’t need to deprive yourself the needed sleep because of the exam. That might not help you.
So have your sleep and it will help you perform better in the exam hall. Goodluck!


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