Again, NANS Postpones ‘Unity’ Convention

The National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, has again, for the third time, postponed the ongoing 2018 Unity Convention.

The election was billed to hold on Saturday, July 24, 2018 following the arrival of delegates the 23rd night… But accreditation was delayed until Sunday night.

On Sunday, the accreditation still could not hold ‘due to security reasons’. Recall that delegates from Delta had engaged in ‘free for all’, forcing the Convention Planning Committee (CPC) to shift ground after one of the wounded aspirant was taken to the hospital for treatment.

But on Monday night, the CPC was able to accredit all delegates from the four NANS Zones, i.e Zones A, B, C and D.

However, the processes was abruptly cut short following the sporadic shooting that greeted the announcement of one Nwanko Isaiah as Convention Chairman.

CAMPUS GIST learnt that a member of the CPC sustained minor injury during the shoot-out. This forced the CPC to announce a postponement on the ground that their wounded member needed to be treated. The wounded member, we learnt, was later transferred to Garki hospital, Abuja for treatment.

Will the election hold today or there will be another postponement?

Will there be a ‘Unity’ candidate at the end of the day, or factional NANS leadership will emerge?

Only TIME will tell…

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