ÀDÈSÉWÁ (Poem by Pa Shakespeare and Adolf)

By Godwin Henry Osaigbovo (Pa Shakespeare) and Collins Adolf

Created in the image of Òrisa and Olorun eleda
Visage brighter than Moremi’s memories.
Gifted the body of a voluptuous goddess,
For fear, Mortal men trembled at her sight; “the Oye”.
Indeed she was moulded on Ojo àyeyè.

It will take an ifa priest;
365 days to offer sacrifices on the alter of each of her breast
And a leap year of fervent recitation of incantations on the path of her cleavage
Albeit in name; She is beauty and jewel
Men beg for the taste of the beads of sweat that trickles down her face

‘Adesewa, you are
Digi kan that must not go out in the sun,
A child that must not be touched by dew,
A star that shines bright,
An eagle-feather worn by a husband,
A straight line drawn by Eledumare himself.
Omo iya adunni oooo
When will you get married,’ aw?n ?l?gb? r? ya

Men promised to walk the seven deserts,
Swim the seven seas,
And even battle oshun to win her heart over.
Like the rising sea level, no man could tame her.
?m? mi, listen to my advice
No flower stays red forever, her mother said
Once too often.

Sewà, “the toad does not croak by day”
The sky will not fall for men to fly,
Beauty is to behold not to be HOLD.
Do not be deceived by the lumps on your chest today,
Everything grows and afterwards wither,
Alas, the gods are wise, do not be told.

Rain beats a leopard’s skin,
yet it does not wash out the spots.
Adesewa’s pride, like the amotekun skin
Never diminished or waned.
For to kill one is to warn a hundred
Iku reduced sewa’s beauty to bones and dust
For the orishas detest ‘eniyan igberaga’.

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